Bolded is the Player's Main account.

If used as a PC, will be in italics.

PCs without () have been kept secret by request. (or haven't been asked yet)

Riks, Kevin Richert

Howard Fisher (V:tM), Treads-on-Stone (W:tA), Frank The Malkavian (V:tM)

Varsel Ysbyrd, Keenan Duvivier

Elizabeth Frost

Ferdinand Marceaux (V:tM), Jukka (V:tM), Aleister Vextruth (V:tM), Antonov (V:tM)

Rosalynn (V:tM), Tomie (Fera), Aiden Cross (V:tM), Varya Safina (C:tD), Malum vas Carnis (W:tA), Andy Cousland (W:tA), Luminitsa (Fera)

Army, Max, Leroy

Marcel (V:tM), Chakk (Fera), Lady Harlequin (V:tM), Luciano (W:tA), Vincent Delacroix (V:tM)

James O’Donnell (W:tA), Victor Lyn (Fera), Basil Monzon (V:tM)

Malacharv (V:tM), Draco Silvanus (V:tM)

Salem-By-Night, Mitch Rogman, Zeke Mauro, Martin Calakay, Baniti Auseil

Karl Travis (V:tM), Artorius (V:tM), Graant (V:tM), Kiasyd (V:tM), Alexandra Zaira (V:tM)

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